10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is sexy. We’ve all heard of it. The truth is, no one is really born with it. Often our confidence level can be instantly killed by scrolling on social media feed that promotes perfection, which does not exist. Being lack of confidence is like falling into an abyss of negativity, we doubt ourselves and struggle to get back out. Good news is, we can build it as a skill, and we get better as we practice it more often. Check out these ten simple ways to keep your confidence level sky high with a positive attitude! 

Vamped it Up!

The easiest instant confidence booster is no other than putting a little extra effort into your physical appearance. It can be as simple as putting on the outfit you think you look best in, wearing your favourite perfume or spending more time on your skincare routine. These actions increase your confidence level by improving how you see yourself, instead of how others see you. 

Try New Things

It definitely takes an amount of courage to challenge yourself by doing something you have never done before, results of that?  You learn more about yourself, discover new talents, meet new friends, and of course a big boost of self-confidence. It can be as simple as trying on an outfit that you like but you think you can’t pull off, it might just turn out to be good on you.

Show Your Mind Who’s the Boss

To grow a healthy mind and take control of it, it is very important to kill the negative chatter in your head with a positive thought before it takes over. When you are doing a tough workout at the gym, instead of saying “this workout takes forever” – think of how much calories you’re burning right now. You will thank yourself later for this extra little push.


Meditation is a practice of awakening your spiritual self and letting go of stubbornness. It cleanses the mind like juices detox the body. Once your mind is disciplined and trained, you will be shielded from negative energy that tears down your confidence wall.

Spread kindness like sprinkles on cupcakes!

Our mind usually follows what the mouth says. By giving genuine compliments and making others feel good, we will feel better about ourselves too. Smiling also puts others in a good mood and reflects our confidence.

Knowledge is the key.

Cut the time you spent on the couch watching television shows into half and spend them on gaining knowledge and developing skills. Read more books or attend more seminars. Your confidence level rises up as you increase your capabilities.

Failure inspires winners and defeats losers.

Visualize what you want to achieve and write them down. Remember that success is never a straight line. Everyone fails several times in their lives. Take every failure as a lesson and learn from it. Take time to appreciate every small achievement because it shows that you are on the right path to your ultimate goal. It builds up your confidence and keeps you motivated.

Get active.

You are probably thinking of this word before we say it – endorphins. Endorphins aka the “happy chemicals” are released in the body during intense exercise, they activate the receptors that reduce our perception of pain and make you feel happy. You can’t deny the coexistence of happiness and confidence.

Hang with your confident squad!

You've heard of  “your vibe attracts your tribe”. This time we’re going to reverse engineer it because your tribe affects your vibe too! Hang out with people who are confident and optimistic. You will feel confident yourself too when you're surrounded by them.

Compare yourself ONLY to yourself. 

Negative thoughts usually come along when you compare yourself to others because comparisons are always unfair. Instead of being never-ending envious of others, strive to be the best version of yourself by developing the habit of comparing yourself to yourself.

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