Stay Hydrated in Summer by Eating These Foods

While drinking h2o is the best and easiest way to keep ourselves hydrated, we always get bored of chugging that plain tasteless fluid. Here are some surprisingly good ways to hydrate yourself other than drinking water.

Water-packed fruits and greens like watermelons, bananas, cucumbers and spinach 

Watermelons are well-known for its 92% h2o and bananas are the easiest pre and post-workout snack for a quick shot of energy. Fresh cucumbers are packed with vitamin C and an amazing 96% of water. Spinach is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes. It’s the perfect ingredient for your salad and smoothie.

Sea salt AKA unrefined natural salt

Yes, you heard me right. Adding a pinch of sea salt in your drink can help alkalize your body. Sea salt contains more than 60 types of minerals and nutrients. It does not only retain water which helps to prevent dehydration by maintaining the water and salt balance in your body, it also replenishes the electrolytes lost from our body through sweat. However, do not mistake table salt AKA refined salt for sea salt as it contains food additives like an anti-caking agent.

Flavoured Water

Flavoured water can keep you sipping from your bottle more often than usual. To make flavoured water, simply add some herbs and slices of fruits into your daily bottle of h2o! Not only it will add a healthy hint of sweetness to your water, it is packed with vitamins and more refreshing than ever. You can also get creative with your combination of fruits and herbs!

Coffee and Tea

Good news for the caffeinatics! Forget about the old saying about how caffeine dehydrates you. Although caffeine is diuretic, the tolerance on diuretic effect can be built up for those who consume caffeine regularly. The benefits of caffeine such as reducing the risk of several types of cancers and making a good energy booster as pre-workout definitely outweigh the diuretic effect of it.

Fat-free Milk

Studies have also proven that milk is much more hydrating than water as the former stays in the system longer than the latter. So I guess it is safe to say the milk in your Venti Iced Latte makes up for the diuretic effect of coffee. However be careful with your choice of milk as it can add tons of additional calories to your daily intake.

Forget about the eight-glasses-of-water rule. Instead, pay attention to how your body feels and listen to what your body needs and you will do just fine.