6 Min Super Effective Butt Lifting Workout

For those who do not have a gym membership or just do not have time to go to the gym, here is the ultimate butt lifting workout for you! Brought to you by   Daysha AKA Bodibiday on YouTube, this workout requires no equipment, it can be done anywhere at home with just a bench and a yoga mat.

This workout video is in real time so let's watch and do it together!

The workout consists of : 
- 30 sec - Hip bridge abductor (resistance band is optional) 
- 10 sec - Rest 
- 15 sec - Step-up to kickbacks (left) 
- 15 sec - Step-up to kickbacks (right) 
- 10 sec - Rest 
- 15 sec - Reverse lunges (left) 
- 15 sec - Reverse lunges (right) 
- 10 sec - Rest 

Instead of doing it as many reps as you can, try to maintain your form right from the first to last rep. You can do that by focusing on squeezing the glutes consciously and keeping your core tight. 

Once it gets easier (because you get stronger), you can increase the level of difficulty by doing one of these: 
1. Increase the exercises' interval length to 45 sec or even 60 sec. 
2. Increase the number of rounds for every exercise. 
3. Decrease the rest time. 
4. Add weights - put a dumbbell or weight plate on your hip for hip abductors, dumbbells on both hands for step-up and lunges. 
5. Repeat the whole workout AGAIN! 
6. Make the workout longer by adding 1-2 more exercises like air squat and Bulgarian split squat.

Get creative and enjoy your workout! XOXO