Aerial Hoop Sequences for Beginners

Have you ever tried an aerial hoop workout? Also known as Lyra, the aerial hoop is a circular metal hoop suspended from the ceiling which requires the performer to enter and exit the hoop with skills and techniques. Although aerial hoop is rather new in the fitness world, it actually started out as a recreation for children in the 1700s, then popularized by the likes of Cirque du Soleil. It is also becoming increasingly popular in the recent years due to its huge range of benefits, physically and mentally.

It helps to achieve a lean physique through strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility, as you will have to frequently lift your body weight and hold in certain poses with an endless range of motion. Mentally, it calms your mind and allows you to express your creativity. Not to mention, you get to burn up to 500 calories in one session while flowing like an angel in the air.

We are grateful to have Gemma ( @gemma_cheung ) and Tanya ( @tanyaxcheung ) sharing this aerial hoop sequence for beginners. It consists of 8 elegant poses with detailed instructions below. 


Standing to the side of the hoop, use both hands to grip the hoop and lift your leg to catch the hoop on your inside knee pit. Fully extend your arms and drop your head back. Fully extend your leg that’s not on the hoop.

Closed Delilah

From your Delilah position, reach the same arm as the free leg and grab onto your shin or foot and extend into Close Delilah.

Hocks Hang 

Going back to the Delilah position, then reach a hand to the other side of your knee. Once in a secure grip, bring your free leg underneath the hoop and hook onto the hoop.

Hang there by squeezing your heels to your bottom and releasing your hands out to the side.

Man in the moon

From sitting on the hoop turn to one side, you want the hoop to be as centred as possible on your bum. Bring both hands above your head and lean back until your shoulder rests on the hoop.

Lift your bottom leg up and press your foot against the hoop. Once secure bring the other leg up and press against the hoop underneath the top foot.

Use your feet against the hoop to balance yourself, if you feel secure, drop your hands to each side. Take time to find your balance.

Pike Seat

Lift your bottom leg up and press the outside of your leg against the top of the hoop. Once secure bring the other leg up cross it over and again press outside of leg against hoop.

In this position your legs should be making a X shape. It should be the outsides of your legs pressing against the hoop.  Use your legs against the hoop to balance yourself. if you feel secure, drop your hands to each side.

Secretary Seat

From Pike Seat, bring your left leg down to the right side of the hoop. Then, bring your right leg to cross it over the top of your left leg.

Use your legs to squeeze the hoop to balance yourself. If you feel secure, release hands to the side.

Pike Away  

From sitting on the hoop, reach both hands to the top of the hoop and grip tight. Then place one foot at a time onto the bottom of the hoop and push out to make a pike shape.

Split Away

From your Pike Away, lift one foot off the hoop and extend the leg out into a split.

Read more about Gemma and Tanya's aerial hoop practice in this Q&A session we had with them.


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