Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot of the Earthy Collection

Let's take a look behind the scenes of our recent photoshoot, which features our latest activewear collection: The Earthy Collection. 

After a few weeks of planning, we decided the shooting location to be a warm, cozy environment with a simple home set-up to keep distractions to a minimum. The confidence radiating from our models, Luci and Anna, will definitely do a better job in telling the stories of our pieces.

Luci is fun and full of energy while Anna is laid-back and bubbly. Together, they brought out the vibe of a modern young woman, which fits our ideal characteristics - feminine, fun and fearlessly herself.

We're feeling sandy tones and gentle pastels. The soft, earthy hues are giving us all the energy we need today.

Bright eyed and fresh faced, Luci (left) and Anna (right) getting prepped for the shoot.

Left: Luci schools us in finding our centres;
Right: Our dazzling ladies having a cheeky time on set.

Bring on the pursuit of sweatiness! Anna after taking the Base Seamless Crop Top and Above Tights for a spin with the skipping rope.

Winding it down, Luci and Anna show us flexibility and strength while they turn their poses into a comprehensive yoga session.

Everything went swimmingly as planned and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Our Earthy Collection features a range of sophisticated styles including bras, tights and long sleeve crop tops in neutral palette, ranging from muted mauve, rich tan to warm oat and pale grey. Shop the collection here.

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