Muse of the Month: Agnes and Faris, the Yoga Twins

Twins are twice the blessing, double the joy. We recently had a mini shoot with the yoga twins, Agnes and Faris at the beautiful architecture of Tai Kwun, a former police station turned Centre for Heritage and Arts with works from the Swiss, Herzog and de Meuron. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Agnes and Faris both teach yoga at various studios throughout the city and have a full-time job at a local newspaper company. When asked to describe themselves, Agnes said she is a lifelong learner with a wandering heart, while Faris is a happy wife and a proud mom of her baby daughter, Galia.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

Faris: I have been practicing yoga for 6 years. I devote myself to the daily practice and aspire to become an Ashtangi. Hopefully one day, I can practice in Mysore, India.

Agnes: I have been practicing yoga for almost 5 years. It was on and off for the first 3 years before I started practicing intensively in the recent 2 years. Since becoming a certified instructor, I devote myself to this undertaking, believing the gift of yoga and spreading my love of yoga worldwide. I am extremely grateful for all my teachers and students.

How has yoga strengthened your sisterhood? Between both of you, how does the your sister inspire you in her own way?

Faris: Agnes and I are close since young, we are practically inseparable. So when I first started doing yoga, I wanted her to do it with me, although it took me years to convince her (haha). Yoga brought us even closer. It made our relationship stronger because of the relentless support she shows. Thanks to Yoga, I love her more and understand her more.

Agnes inspires me to be a better person. I have a strong personality and sometimes I can be a loner. She always reminds me to get out and spend more time connecting with people. Because of her, I have become calmer, more loving and forgiving.

Agnes: Faris is the one who introduced me to the mat. I remembered us trying yoga 5 years ago and both of us did not really enjoy it. Somehow Faris continued her practice years later on while I did not. I am so glad that she encouraged me to do it. It helped, and still helping me to overcome issues in many different ways.

Practicing yoga together has taken our already-special bond to the next level. The connection, strength and trust between us is indescribable.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

FarisMy goal for 2019 will be: Be the best version of myself for my family, devote myself to yoga practice and my career.

Agnes Last year was a tough year for me but my yoga practice helped me move forward by bringing me joy, positive energy and calmness. I can't wait to deepen my practice, share the love of yoga with more people and become a "better-er" person in 2019. This is gonna be an amazing year!

What is your favourite yoga pose, and why?

Faris: Handstand is my favourite pose, ever! To me it’s a journey. I always have to work extra hard to get myself into this pose.

Agnes: I don't exactly have a favourite pose, but I love practicing arm balance poses and backbends. Arm balances challenge the mind and the body. The balance of the body is attained through the alignment of body awareness, focused attention and the attempt initiative. To me, by practicing arm balances, it invites a real connection between your body, mind and soul. As well as backbends, they open up the heart chakra which increases our sense of well-being, confidence and connection to the world around us. I did a chakra test and the result showed the heart chakra is my most active chakra, well I guess the result says it all!

What are your favourite pieces from XXIV Active?

Faris and Agnes: We both love the Weave Crochet Bra and Loop Crochet Tights. We love the earthy colour and the fit is just perfect!



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