Muse of the Month: Gemma and Tanya, the Aerial Hoop Duo

We were recently treated to a Q&A with aerial hoop duo Gemma Cheung ( @gemma_cheung) and Tanya Cheung ( @tanyaxcheung), who have just won the Aerial Double Hoop Competition in their first time entering. Gemma practices with Tanya at Flyaway Aerial Studio , which Tanya co-owns and runs, offering pole and aerial fitness classes. We had a chat with them about their passion for aerial hoop and how they like training with each other.

Also, check out this aerial hoop beginner sequence curated by this duo.

Can you please tell us about your fitness journey and how you got into aerial hoop? 

I (Gemma) was a gymnast as a kid into my teenage years, so from an early age I always loved any sport that involved going upside down. I only found aerial hoop in my 30’s and I guess it brought back that joy that gymnastics used to give me with all the flexibility and upside down moves.

Tanya has a background in ballet and gymnastics but never took it seriously as a child and stopped at 13 years old. After watching a video of someone pole dancing at 19 years old, she decided to try it out and shortly after that started aerial hoop and silks. She had loved all disciplines since the first lesson and has even placed in a few competitions.

What makes aerial hoop different from others? What impact has it had on your life?

It’s such a fun creative way to work out. I don’t think there is any other sport that you get to navigate and create pretty shapes in a hoop. It also teaches you great body control and builds up your strength.

What are the best things about having a hoop buddy? 

Who doesn’t love to have a training buddy to help motivate each other and to push each other a little further and to steal each other’s tips and tricks.

Between both of you, how does the other person inspire you in her own way? 

Gemma: Tanya’s flexibility inspires me everyday to stretch more and her ability to make everything look effortless. 

Tanya: Gemma is fearless and makes the flips look easy. I’m such a scaredy cat when it comes to flips! 

What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning aerial hoop or thinking about trying it?

Just to have fun and enjoy the learning process.

What is your mission or goal as an aerialist? 

We would both love to start to perform!

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