Pre and Post Workout Skin Care Tips

We all know that exercising can give you a healthy skin by increasing blood circulation and improving the detoxification process of your body. That natural healthy glow of confidence from the inside can never be replaced by any skin-deep highlighters you can get.

We hate to break it to you but some of your breakouts may have been caused by improper skin care before and after workout. Here are some skin care tips that you need to take note of to avoid any of those unwanted bumps and rashes on the skin. 


Cleanse your face

Wash your face with a cleanser before your workout to get rid of the oil and bacteria so they do not mix up with sweat which leads to blockage and acne later. Nasty. 

Enjoy your workout sans makeup

Avoid working out with makeup on as much as you can. While you are busting our ass and sweating hard, your pores open up and any dirt or impurities can be expelled together with the sweat. Makeup creates a barrier and hinders your skin from breathing, which leaves you stubborn clogged pores.

Go as light as possible

If going with a bare face is not possible, try to keep it as minimal as possible. Spot-correct some areas as needed. Use a brow gel to look lifted and groomed. Go for a tinted lip balm instead of lipstick for that natural look.

Without makeup, lightly moisturized your face with a non-greasy moisturizer and also apply sunscreen if you are going outdoor for more than 15 minutes.


Keep your hands off your face

Never. Ever. Ever. Touch your face after using all the gym equipment because god knows what kind of bacteria it has on it. Wash your face with soap after workout. And no, you are still not allowed to touch your face with them.

Hydrate yourself

Keep chugging that H2O! For your skin’s sake, stay hydrated at all times. Water can also help to cool down your body temperature and reduce dizziness after workout.

Do not air-dry your sweat

Get rid of the excess sweat on your body by patting dry using a towel or wiping off with facial wipes. Letting the salty stuff dry out on your face totally destroys the purpose of removing dirt from your skin. People with sensitive skin can also experience flare-ups from the sweat. Always wash the sweat away, followed by toner and moisturizer.

Get changed ASAP

Yes, going brunch after your spinning class in your activewear can be cute. But chances are you will get body acnes and unpleasant odour if you stay in the sweaty clothes for too long. It is a definitely great idea to change into some fresh clothes ASAP.